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DocAir Cures Sick Buildings with Mold Testing in Middle Tennessee

DocAir serves real estate professionals, home builders, commercial building owners, and residential customers throughout middle Tennessee and western Kentucky.  We strive each day to make everyone's indoor air quality the best you can find here in Tennessee using several different methods including a indoor air quality testing and radon testing by our very own professionals.


DocAir's building scientists, engineers, industrial hygienists, and indoor air quality (IAQ) experts improve building air quality, energy efficiency, comfort, and sustainability using cost effective, scientific methods.


DocAir provides mold removal and mold remediation, radon testing and radon mitigation, basement and crawl space moisture-proofing, crawl space encapsulation, odor abatement, ventilation systems, home energy and health inspections, HERS ratings, Energy Star, LEED consulting, weatherization, thermal imaging inspections, and many other building performance services.


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Did You Know?

Studies by the Advanced Energy Corporation indicate that up to 50% of the air in your home may come  from the crawl space. Not the best source for your ventilation air.  Keep your family safe today and call DocAir for a professional mold removal and our radon mitigation services.